Introduction: Canvas Prints

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This was my first attempt at making Canvas prints. I decided to do each member of Motley Crue :) I am happy with how they turned out ! I am definitely no artist, so my instructions will be in Laymen's terms ! I usually do wood transfers, but found this turns out much better.. :)

Step 1: You Will Need:

Gel Medium

Micro fiber cloth

Hair drier

Mod Podge


Spray bottle

Baby Oil

Canvas ( what ever size you would like )

Prints printed from a laser printer on plain basic computer paper. Not photo paper and not Ink Jet.

Step 2: Preparing the Canvas and Print

Using the gel medium, apply a good coat with a paint brush , making sure to brush one way to coat, then back over the other way so every groove in the canvas is filled with the gel medium.

Place your print picture side down on a towel, and spray water on the plain side. Wet it enough so that you can just see the print on the other side. Let excess water drip off the paper or use the cloth to gently dab it.

Place the print picture side down onto the canvas, need to be in exactly where you want it as once you put it down, it will be hard to remove !

Get out any air bubbles under the paper by placing the sides of your palms in the middle of the picture, and gently running the side of your palms to the sides of the paper. Smooth out any smaller parts with your fingers.

Let dry overnight :)

Step 3: Fun Part !! Removing the Paper :)

Removing the paper can take AGES !! But with my way, I can cut out half the time !

Spray the paper with water and let it soak for about a minute. Gently start peeling and rubbing off the paper with your finger tips, OR, use a micro fibre cloth.

The best way I found was to rub off a first layer, the use a hair drier to dry it. By using the hair drier you can see where the paper still is ( when it's wet it will look like there isn't any there ! ), and you can also see where you do not need to rub again !

As you can see in the first photo, Vince Neil is all white. This is where the paper still remains once it was dried again.. In the second photo, you can see that the water splashes in the picture are rubbed off as much as possible.

Each time you dry it off, you will see the paper left.. It may take a long time, but you do need to be really gentle.

Step 4: Baby Oil & Modge Podge.

Once you think you have the paper off as much as possible, I dab on baby oil on the canvas with my finger and gently rub it in. You don't need to much oil.

I then dry it off with the hair drier. ( be careful cause the baby oil will heat up ! ). It wont totally dry, so best to leave it over night so the oil soaks into the canvas.

Next day, as you can see with the Tommy Lee canvas, I coated it with a layer of Mod Podge to seal it all in..

Happy Canvasing !