Captain America Shield With Drum Cymbal

Introduction: Captain America Shield With Drum Cymbal

I got an old unwanted drum cymbal from the music department at school and to do what I pleased so I decided to up cycle it into this Captain America shield.So it isn’t completely finished I need to do a few touch ups but I hope you enjoy!
I don’t have pictures of making it but one of the finished product.

Also if you guys like this idea/project can you please so kind as to vote for me in the Fandom Contest, Thank you!


-drum cymbal (I used a 200mm size)
-sand paper 280
-paint (red, white and blue)
-brass-o or other cymbal cleaners

Step 1: Sand It Down

Going with the grain sand down the cymbal with 280 sandpaper

Step 2: Clean the Cymbal

Use a damp cloth to rub the surface the add the brass-o going in circles. Then rub off and buff with a dry soft cloth.

Step 3: Measure!

Measure how big you want each ring I did each of my 50mm stripes to keep it equal around the centre. Then draw with a compass round the size you would like each ring.

Step 4: Painting Time

Paint the outer stripe Red then the middle white the next red. (You May like to do some extra Coates I did about 3)

Step 5: Star

Find a five point star template that will fit in the centre of your shield and trace around it. Next paint the star white and the outside and centre ring/ circle blue.

Step 6: Finish Up

If your paints a bit messy you can mask of with tape but that’s your choice. I hope you enjoy your shield!
You can hang it on the wall or add straps to hold it have some fun with it.

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    Captain kid1
    Captain kid1

    Tip 2 years ago

    If you do not have a compass large enough to draw the rings you can always tie string from one pencil to another in the length you need.


    2 years ago

    Fun project idea, thank you for sharing : )

    Captain kid1
    Captain kid1

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you