Introduction: Felt Face Mask for Little Ones Toys

Everyone can do with a face mask 😷 so why don’t toys get one? Well here it is folks the felt face mask for kids toys and the best bit is you can make it yourself.
It works with most bears or stuffed animal with ears.
If you like this for toys check out my profile page and see a quick no-sew mask to make for yourself!


15cm by 10.5cm felt
Fabric scissors
Felt tip
Two rubber bands
A sew cool sewing machine or normal sewing machine and if you want you can hand sew it
A toy

Step 1: Measure

Measure around 3.5cm from one side of a corner to another and mark it with a felt tip.

Repeat on the other corners

Step 2: Cut

You will need to cut off the corners you have marked with fabric scissors

Then you will want to draw a line from the bottom of the new corners you made with a felt tip and ruler

Step 3: Fold

Along the line you made in step 2 fold the top section of felt back.
Next hold your fingers on the crease and fold it back again making a semi fan like accordion

Repeat on opposite side

Step 4: Sew

Sew 1-3cm of the corner of the felt you have folded

Do opposite sides and bottom

Step 5: Ear Piece

Fold the corners that are vertical over frontwards about 2cm and stick in the rubber band

Sew along the edge of the fold and keep the rubber band well away from the needle

Repeat on other side.

Step 6: Finish

Now you mask is ready for a soft toy friend!