Introduction: Carabiner Shootout

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Feel boring at the office? Have a carabiner keychain around? Have a marble around? Let's play soccer shootout. I remember last time I played the catapult at my office. Now it is soccer time ...

Step 1: Things You Need

  1. A Straight Gate Carabiner. Although wire gate will do, straight gate is preferable. Here you don't need an expensive climbing carabiner. Use any cheap keychain accessory that is easily be found in market.
  2. A Marble. You can also use bearing ball in exchange or make your own paper ball for lighter gate spring tension.

Step 2: The Goal

Set your goal. Use two boxes or anything as a goal for the marble to get in or through. For example have my portable router and camera charger aligned to form a lane. I can also use my Leatherman's Skeletool as the goal. You can use almost anything around to form your goal or simply two posts namely your tumbler, coffee cup, glue stick, pen holder, envelope box, desktop calendar, mouse, calculator, pen, pencil, anything.

Step 3: Draw the Gate

Draw the carabiner gate and aim to hit the marble to the goal we set. The gate is just like a billiard stick which is going to hit the ball (marble) to the hole (goal). Wait a minute, are we talking about billiard or soccer? My bad. So, now the gate is the player's foot and marble is the ball. Okay, I have fixed it.

Hold your foot and aim ... aim ... aim ...

Step 4: Shoot!

Let go the gate to shoot. Goal!!! Is it? Is it not? You might think this is easy shootout. No it is not. There are several difficulty levels we can set. Read on ...

Step 5: Aiming Is Easy or Not

We might think aiming the gate is easy, but for some people it is not. It is not only moving the ball to the center of the gate, but you should consider the tilts. Moving forward or backward, tilt left of right, the most important thing is where the gate hit the ball. It is the point of impact that define the direction of the ball.

Step 6: Next Levels

If it is too easy for you, then set the next levels by moving the goal farther or narrowing the goal. You can also set different angles for your penalty shootouts such as moving your ball few inches to the left or right.

Step 7: Paperclips

When you can't find paperclips or paper binders around, you can temporarily use carabiners to hold a bunch of papers on your desk. Why I use the term "temporarily"? Because it clips at 90 degrees and you can't put it in a bag that way. You can only keep your desk tidy from messy papers. Keep them organized and avoid them from flying off your desk.

Step 8: Cable Organizer

Having a lot of cables on your desktop? Use carabiner to group them instead of zip ties. I don't care when the cables are hidden between the desk and wall, but when it is on the desktop, carabiner is an attractive piece to keep them grouped. When I charge my phone, I clip the cable in. When I charge my tablet, I clip the cable in. When I charge my laptop, I clip the cable in. When my phone is full, I take out the cable. When I charge my powerbank, I clip the cable in. So on ...

With carabiner, it is flexible to add or remove cables, but it has maximum numbers for the gate opens inward. With zip ties we can't add or remove cables easily (zip tie can be loosen and re-fasten, but not with ease and frequently like the case above). With wire it will be curly and less attractive and also will break off at some frequent twist and untwist.

It also keep my charging cables tidy on my desktop.

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