Introduction: Carbon Dioxide VS Candle - Experiment 1/14 | #Quarantine

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In this first experiment of the series , I will demonstrate a particular characteristic of

carbon dioxide.

During this lockdown ,which makes children stay home from school there will be plenty of time to spend at home with your children and if you are children with your parents. This is a perfect occasion to learn and at the same time have fun #ImStayingHome.

For two weeks i will be publishing one video a day of easy experiments that you can do, if you aren’t old enough let your parents help you. Let’s start with our experiment ,

what you need is:

- vinegar

- baking soda

- candles

- various jars

Check The video Here:

Step 1: Make Your CO2

What contributes to burning a candle? In the video of how to light a fire with chocolate i talked of what is known as a fire triangle and how oxygen plays an important role in combustion

Little Quiz “ Do you know which are the products of combustion?

Carbon Dioxide “moves” the oxygen that the fire needs. In a old video i showed you what was inside a CO2 (carbon dioxide )fire extinguisher. Probably at the end of the video you will ask yourself how you could reuse the waste liquid , well in this videos

i show how you can achieve a fun and interesting compound which is sodium acetate but i will talk of this in another video.

Step 2: Try You CO2 on the Candle

Remember carbon dioxide is a colorless gas , it’s heavier than air so in a close place that is rich with carbon dioxide it could result difficult breathing , we are talking about big amounts of this gas so don’t worry.

try different way to exstinguish your fire