Introduction: Cardboard Aeroplane

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This is a tutorial to make an awesome looking cardboard aeroplane that can be made with only some cardboard, strong scissors and YOU!

Here are the items that you will need:

A ruler

A pen/pencil

Sticky tape

Paint ( You might want to paint it, but you don't have to)

Paper ( To make a plan on the shape of each part that will be used in the aeroplane and as a template whilst cutting)

Glue ( I used UHU Power Adhesive because of its relatively fast drying time. Hot glue should also work too)

A decent scissor ( You may need a smaller scissor to cut out the curves. A knife may also be useful)

Corrugated cardboard

And last but not least... you!

Step 1: Plans

The plans to the plane This is a small version of each part. You'll need to make another wing to fix the tail on to the plane. Each part remember will be in proportion to the rest of the plane.

Step 2: Cutting Out Each Piece

Now, make a copy of each part the size you want it to be and the shape, attach it to the cardboard with sticky tape and cut it out. Make two cardboard pieces of the wings and the body.

Step 3: All the Parts

These are the parts you will need. By the way, each part of the plane can be whatever shape you want it. The last picture is the part that will attach the tail to the plane. It should look like a miniature wing. Lastly, you'll only need one tail but depending on the mini wing piece you will need to alter it so it would be useful to have two.

Step 4: Making the Wing Slots.

Now make a slot for the wings to go through as shown in the images. It should be roughly the depth of the wing when laid flat on the floor . The wing's thickness should be about 1mm. When you have done that to both parts of the body and the wing fits properly ( they need to be in the same place on both pieces of the body, it may be helpful to make the slot in one part then put it on top of the other part and make a few marks so you know where to cut it) make another slot a the same distance from the bottom as the first slot was from the top.

Step 5: Tail

Repeat the slot at the rear end of both sides of the body enough to fit the 'mini wing' how the main wings fit. Then attach the tail to its centre with hot glue or UHU or sticky tape and slot it in to its own slots.

Step 6: Finished

When all the pieces are together, it should look something like this. Glue each joint ( where the wings touch the slots) with the UHU or hot glue. Also, fix the propeller with glue to the nose of the plane.

Step 7: Thanks

Thanks for reading this instructable. Please let me know in the comments if you want more detail or pictures...and also post a pic of your aeroplane if you've made it.



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