Introduction: Cardboard Armor Lvl 2

About: I am a cardboard blacksmith, hard at work making armor and accessories. Skyrim, Sword Art Online, and Lord of the Rings all the way. If there is anything you'd like to see me make, I'd love the challenge!

An upgrade on my previous Armor made of toilet paper rolls.

Step 1: Begin With the Previous Instructable, 'Armor From Toilet Paper Rolls'.

Step 2: Materials

Brass fasteners

Pop tabs, a ridiculous amount

Extra cardboard

Duct tape just in case


Step 3: Shaping Up

Cut the bottom third off of both the front and back.

Then cut small triangular sections off of both sides, making a nice point.

SAVE THE EXCESS!! These will become your pauldrons.

Step 4: Cold Shoulders

Take the big pieces that you cut from the piece earlier.

If there are not holes there already, poke a hole in each of two corners as shown, and put a brass faster through each.

Take a piece of extra cardboard and poke holes like you did the first piece.

Overlap the pieces and poke holes in the bottom piece so you can attach the upper piece.

To attach to the chest piece, poke a hole two fingers width below the strap connecting the front and back pieces. Repeat on both sides of the front and back plate, and attach the pauldrons as shown via the fasteners on the lower piece.

~Fix~ You can cut the upper cardboard pieces as shown to allow more mobility and style.

Step 5: Mail Call

There are many instructables on making pop tab chain mail, you can use any of them.

You may choose to use cloth, or leave it be.

If you choose to make the mail, attaching it requires a brass fastener.

Put the fastener through the big hole in one of the tabs, and open the fastener. Then bend the excess around the pop tab so it stays in place and doesn't fall out as you walk.

Repeat until stable.

Step 6: Finnish

Add tape to structurally unsound areas, and to make it look pretty!

Make it your own!

Sincerely yours,