Introduction: Cardboard Book Stand

About: Hi I am Kriti ! A young product designer with interest in exploring materials and simple mechanisms.

This book stand is part of a classroom project based on the theme of flat pack objects. My table is always a huge mess with books and all my papers lying around, falling here and there. So I decided to make something that helps me organize my clutter, is simple and quick to make, lightweight, portable and easy to store. It is a simple DIY object made with cardboard and felt. It is based on simple hexagonal geometry and it's triangular division. The angles of the triangle in a hexagon gives proper support to the books lying on them. I chose cardboard because of it's strength due to corrugation. It is potentially a good material to explore and work with.

I like to work with a combination of geometry, physics and materials. It is an amazing combo if explored to it's fullest. I hope that this product will be of use to many of you.

Let's get started....

Step 1: Collect the Materials

Materials Required:

5 Ply-Cardboard sheet

Felt (colors of your choice)

Decorative fabric (colored jute)

Super glue (Fevibond- my choice)

Colored Button -1

Rope/Thread Clip

Ring -1

Paper cutter


Steel Ruler

Step 2: Make a Paper Stencil of Dimensions Given in the Image. Cut 6 Identical Pieces Using the Stencil From the Cardboard.


Use a steel ruler and paper cutter for cutting, to get sharp and neat edges.

Tape the ruler on the cardboard using paper tape to prevent sliding.

Apply proper pressure.

Step 3: Divide the Piece According to the Drawing and Give the Folds As Shown Below.


Press the line drawn on the cardboard with the edge of steel ruler instead of scoring for a neat fold. Avoid scoring as it tears the layers of cardboard and makes it weak.

After folding, score the base folds a bit to get a flat base.

Step 4: Stick First Layer of Felt.

I used A3 size felt sheets as per availability. Each piece should stick over an area of 15.2 by 10.5 cm to get the proper angle of the triangular fold. This gives a perfect protractor free angle.

Step 5: Stick the Second Layer of Felt of Different Color.

Two layers increases the strength at the base.

Step 6: Stick the Rope Piece and Then Stick the Outer Layer of Decorative Fabric.

Step 7: Put a Small Piece of Cardboard at the Base of the Button to Increase It's Height for Easy Grip. Now Stick the Button on the Open Flap.

Step 8: Place It Anywhere and Get Organised.

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