Cardboard Greaves and Sabaton

Introduction: Cardboard Greaves and Sabaton

About: I am a cardboard blacksmith, hard at work making armor and accessories. Skyrim, Sword Art Online, and Lord of the Rings all the way. If there is anything you'd like to see me make, I'd love the challenge!

Plant your foot firmly in evil's backside with armored boots!

Step 1: Materials



Duct tape


Brass fasteners

Step 2: The Sabaton

Start with your boot.

Cut out two identical pieces of cardboard. Lay them one on top of the other, then on the boot as shown.

Poke a hole on each side where the pieces intersect, and place a brass fastener there.

Step 3: Good Greave.

Get a Piece of cardboard that wraps at least halfway around your boot.

You may have it any length you want.

On one end of the greave, cut several tabs. Fold these outward.

Step 4: Just Connecting

Using a small piece of cardboard and brass fasteners, connect the Greave to the Sabaton as shown.

Step 5: Color

Use duct tape to color the pieces. You will probably have to take it apart for this.

On the greave, Carefully roll the tape onto the tabs to make a cuffed look.

Now cut halfway down the greave starting from the top, and fold the resulting corners outward. This is so you can move your foot, and walk. It also looks really cool.

Step 6: Stringing

Poke holes where shown and use string to tie the pieces to the boot.

I sued a slipknot on the sabaton, so I could take the piece off of the boot.

Step 7: Finnish


Sincerely yours,


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    4 years ago

    this is really cool! and i love how you can take it off the boot and put it back on! i will probably make two of these for nerf wars and stuff just for fun. do you know anywhere i can get brass fasteners for cheap? and how many do i need per boot? thanks for the great instructable! will be posting some more soon like this!


    Reply 4 years ago

    and, if you will, do you know any substitutes for the brass fasteners? thanks!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Many thanks Sir Dolan! Wal-mart sells brass fasteners for real cheap. x200 for a buck or two. It should take x6 per boot. You could use string to just tie the pieces together if you'd rather, or just tape it all together. I like the fasteners because they're esthetically pleasing.


    Reply 4 years ago

    thanks dude! sounds great. i really enjoy your instructables. have a merry christmas/hanukkah (whatever you guys celebrate have a good one)