Introduction: Cardboard Hand Saw Blade Guard

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Ever accidentally grab the blade of a saw when reaching to grab it off the pegboard and accidentally grasp too hard?
Blade guards can be essential in the above case to ensure that you do not cut your hand.  However, they can be unnecessarily expensive (a quick Google search returned which goes for a whopping 5 bucks...).  

This is a very simple guide to make your own blade guard using everyday household materials (or at least easy to obtain).

Step 1: Stuff Needed to Build It and Make It Happen

I used the following to make this blade guard:

-Cardboard (cereal box works well) 
-Hand Saw


Other ideas to make this include using twist ties, rubber bands, slit straws, etc.  I chose this idea for its simpleness.

Step 2: Cutting & Fitting

I started of finding a scrap piece of thin cardboard from the cache.
A cereal box or cardboard of the same thickness works well.
Test fitted the piece to ensure that once folded over, it would cover the blade.
Cut, crease halfway, and trim of excess if desired.
Test fit.

Step 3: Stapling & Fitting

Start from the end furthest from the handle and move your way towards the handle. Test fit as you go to ensure best fit. 

Step 4:

There are many ways to hand your saw, these are two different ways but I personally prefer the latter.

To make the hole, determine where the saw hole will end up once inside the guard, and use scissor point to poke a hole and enlarge if necessary. 

Step 5: Finale

Thank you for viewing this Instructable.
Happy DIYing!

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