Introduction: Cardboard MD DC-10

This is a project to help you build an airplane with your cardboard. This model works like LEGO, which means you do not even need to glue it. I choose MD DC-10 as my plane. You can choose anyother kinds of jet airliner, they work in the same way. Propeller airplane may be hard in this way.

You will need these for the project:






Step 1: Step 1:Determine Size and Proportion(Includes Design)

This is your first step of the project. After choosing the plane, you need to think about how every pieces works to show others about your plane. Also, my project doesn't use any glue, which means it works like LEGO. As you cut your cardboard, you should think about the size first so when you put all the cardboard together, it will still works.

Step 2: Step 2:Build the Main Body

The main body is the most important part for the whole model. The first thing you need to do is do cut the main cardboard that cross the whole body parts. Make sure to check from the first step to know what shapes you suppose to cut. Usually, you need two parallel cardboard to create the body, but I use three because we need to connect the tail and the third engine later. If you want to make a plane with a third engine, make sure to have three pieces of cardboard. The cardboard in the middle, which will connect to the tail and third engine, should be a little bit bigger than the other two.

After cutting the main shapes of the body, we need to connect the three pieces together and also show the shapes of the plane. To do these two things together, we need to cut some semicircles that shows the shapes. The radius of the semicircle should be bigger than the distances of the plane, so we can connect the wings in the sides later.

Step 3: Step 3: Wings

Wings are pretty simple to make, but if you want to show that it is a jet, you need to make engines on both sides. If you want to make a Propeller airliner, the shapes of the wings may be much different.

After cutting the wings, cut two small rectangles and connect them with the wings. The two rectangles are also for connecting the two engines. I use some circles to show the shape of the engines.

The two small wings at the back do not need rectangles. They are much smaller but in the same shape.

Step 4: Step 4:Tail and Third Engines

This is the last part of the whole project. The thing you need to do now is to cut a rectangle that is the bottom part of the tail. This part also needs to connect with the third engine. We use small circles to show the third engine. Make sure that circles need to be up a little bit so we can connect to the tail.

Now you complete the whole project.

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