Introduction: Cardboard Moon Model

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Hello, in this instructable I made a cardboard model of the moon. I think it looks like the moon, let me know what you think in the comments though. This took quite some time, but stick with me if you want to make one too. Im not going to show how to make the stars here, mainly because I forgot to take pictures.


The supplies you will need:

Card board (a lot)

A compass

Ruler or protractor (some form of measurement and straight edge)

Exacto Knife


Black and white paint

Hot glue gun and a a few glue sticks

A marker, pencil, pen any form of writing utencil

Paint brush





Step 1: Tracing and Cutting the Cardboard.

First, I set my compass to a radius of 3 1/2 inches, and traced three circles on the cardboard and cut them out.

Step 2: Slits

Next, I used my straight edge and marked a line on the radius. Then I cut down the line. I did this on two circles.

Step 3: More Cutting

I cut my third circle in to fourths.

Step 4: Putting It Together

Using the two circles with the slits, i slid them together to make this fan looking thing.

I used this technique to make the stars as well.

Step 5: More Putting Together

With the four cardboard slices, I hot glued them to the middle empty section to make multiple plus signs? I dont now how else to describe the way it looks, take a look at the picture.

Step 6: Paper

Next, I wrapped the cardboard moon skeleton with paper and hot glued it together. I had no real technique for this, I just kept going until the cardboard was no longer visible.

Step 7: Making Craters

Next, I just used my fingers and pressed indents into the figure to make creases and indents to replicate craters.

Step 8: Painting

Finally, I painted it, I painted the craters and creases dark grey variations, and the "mountains" I painted lighter grey and/or white. I kept going until the whole ball was covered.

You are now finished with your moon model :)

Step 9: Hanging

I did not take pictures for this step because it is optional, but, I threaded a long piece of yarn through a needle and threaded it through the moon. I then tied the two ends of the yarn together and tucked the knot inside of the moon. To hang it from my ceiling, I put a nail in the ceiling and tied the yarn to the nail. As for the stars, I hot glued the yarn to the pointy part of the star and taped it to my ceiling because they were not as heavy.

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