Introduction: Constellation Ursa Major/Big Dipper Wall Decor

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In this instructable, you will learn to make a constellation that you can hang from your ceiling or on your wall.

I chose to make Ursa Major (also known as The Big Dipper)

The picture that has all of the constellations is not my picture, I screenshot it from Pinterest to give you an example of how I made my constellation.

This craft is made out of pom poms, yarn pom poms to be precise.


The supplies you will need is:

White or yellow yarn

Wooden dowels


Hot glue gun (not shown in picture because it was heating up)

Step 1: Making Your Pom Poms

First you will choose which constellation you want to make. Depending on which one you choose, will be how many stars, or pom poms, you need to make.

Ursa Major has seven stars, so I made seven pom poms in various sizes.

To make the pom poms without a pom pom maker, you need to wrap your yarn around two fingers.

For a small star: wrap your yarn around your fingers 20-30 times.

For a medium star: wrap your yarn around your fingers 30-40 times.

For a large star: wrap the yarn around your fingers 40-50 times.

After you wrap your yarn the desired amount of times, carefully slide the bundle off of your fingers and tie it together.

Then, you need to cut all of the little loops that you have made and trim the fuzzies down to a sphere.

Step 2: Attaching the Pom Poms

Next you need to cut your dowels to the desired length of each line that connects the stars.

I had no measurements during this process, I eyeballed the whole thing

To cut your dowels (kids, ask your parents for help) take your scissors and cut indents into the dowel if it is not very thick like mine. Cut these indents all the way around the circumference of the dowel. Then, break the dowel where the indents are. If you want, you can trim or sand the break so it is smoother.

Now all you have to do is tie a pom pom to the end of each connector. I realize that in my picture I have two pom poms on one stick and no pom poms on another, but it does not really matter how you attach them as long as they are how you like it :)

Step 3: Now Put It All Together

Finally, to finish off your constellation, just attach your dowels to each.other with a small bloop of hot glue. Allow it to dry fully and add another bloop for extra support.

Continue this until all dowels are connected where they are supposed to be.

To hang, attach a string with a knot near the middle of your constellation, then you can rather tape it, nail it, tack it or any other form of hanging you can think of to your wall or ceiling.

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