Introduction: Cardboard Pinball, Covid Killer

Quarantine stinks. So make this to make it stink less and take revenge on the virus.


Cardboard boxes

hot glue


decorations and coloring supplies (i used paint)

Step 1: Get Cardboard

One good sized box for the body and some scrapps. a ramp or toilet paper roll would be a good idea too.

Step 2: Cut and Paste

Cut the front and the left and right sides down equally to the desired length, note that this will determine how deep your pinball machine will be. add a sturdy peace of cardboard to the back of the box to keep the flap up.

Step 3: Add Paddles

use anything like pencles to push the ball away,be creative

Step 4: Decorate!

add obstacles and stuff for the ball to bounce against. make a ramp out of a paper towel roll and make it lead to the back of the box. decorate with anything you desire.

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