Introduction: Cardboard Props: 80's Cell Phone

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So, I have been making props for this years Gangshow ( a show put on my Scouts) ... and usually bits that i can't find I make. This year i have been asked to make two prop cell phones for a few acts... So... since i think this may proove usefull to perhaps a funky 80's costume... Here is my first instructable... be gentle ;)

Step 1: Ingredients!

Right... what you shall need:

* LARGE ammount of imagination and patience (in equal quantites)
* About 30minutes
* Cardboard ( i used 3mm card from a box i got from the supermarket)
* Ruler (If you are using a knife, PLEASE watch the tips of your fingers)
* Knife/Scissors ( i prefer to use a knife... but safety first kids!)
* Glue ( I used a glue gun but bog standard PVA or supergule will do)
* Pen/Pencil

(optional extras)
Webbing for the stap of the battery box
BBQ stick (for antenae)
Wire from an old telephone

Step 2: Lets Get Cracking!

Firstly draw out the shape you want your cell phone to be...  I generally work by eye...

Once you have your shape, cut it out, and use it as a template for cutting out the other side...Or if your clever and have a sharp knife cut both at the same time..

Now here comes the tricky bit. You have just cut out the two side peices for your phone...  We now need to make the phone 3D!

Decide on how wide you want your phone to be.... Lay out a strip of UNCUT cardboard BIGGER than the sides you have just cut out... (this may seem a little complicated but its hard to explain... keep with me) Look at the second picture... where my thumb is, we will call point one... the corner directly below it we will call point two... the corner to its right we will call point three... and so on

Line up point one withthe edge of the uncut cardboard... and mark where point two sits... Move your side peice so that point two is in the position in my photo and mark point three... Mark the rest of the corners in the same way... untill you get a strip of card with lots of dots on it.

This gives you an idea of how big you will need your strip to be to go from point one to point six... Now cut this out (so you get a big rectangle... the width being the space between the two sides)

Step 3: Fiddly Bit!

Yay we all love fiddly bits don't we??


Taking your oblong ( okay) draw lines showing the points you marked earleir.... then score alone thease lines so that your card folds arround your side peices as shown in the picture

Now... its time to stop eating the glue... and to start bonding the sides together... so Either pick up your brush or glue gun and paste the edges of your side peice to the corresponding edge of your back peice (see photo) clear as mud?

I find that if you are using a glue gun, its best to do points one to two on either side at the same time... as it can soemtimes be a little too fiddly getting your glue gun in the gap you create.... YOU SHOULD HOPEFULLY get something a little similar to the third picture

Step 4: Remember to Add Those Extras!

So now is the time to add those extras... I personally added an ariel... and some interior supports

For the ariel (which moves yay!) I used a BBQ stick... poked through the top of the 'phone'  Glue a peice of card... or add some bluetack to the End that stays inside the phone to stop your drunken mates from pulling it out when they pull it up (WAHEY.... Okay... i'll stop that) Add card, a bead  or bluetack for the bobble at the top

For the supports: Cut some small thin peices of card in the cavity between your two side pannels and glue in place. Simple as Jam :)


Okay... So Like before... we now need to 'put the lid' on your phone... this is a similar process as step three... Cut a strip of card the same with as your phone... But this time...  Instead of marking etc... just bend your corners ... Its alot easier

Glue down your sides as in point three

I decided to do this step in three parts as i needed to customuse the flat bit in the middle... it was just easier so don't be confused by the picture!

So now you should have a phone shaped box?

Step 6: Make Your Phone Recognisable!

It would be normally that i would decorate the phone... adding buttons, painting etc...  If you just wanted to make a 3d cardboard phone for your kiddies... this would be where we said goodbye....

BUT since we are going full hog and including a battery pack for that true retro look... stay tuned!

Step 7: Battery Pack!

Following the same steps as those for the phone... amke a 3D rectagonal box... OR if your lucky enough to have one... use a pre made box.

all i did here was took a strap off an old bag (No not my Great Aunt!) and fed it through a slot on one of the side pannels befre i glued the box together. If you are lucky enough to have some olf cable lying arround attach one end to your phone and one end to your batery pack .. (I didn't... so you'll have to use your imagination) Paint your phone and hit the road ( i also added a few details with marker pen ...because im lazy

So don your shoulder pads... back comb your hair... and get ready to take to the streets with your new Cellphone and battery pack!