Introduction: Cardboard Side Table

Hi All,

When you buy any home appliance, it come with, high quality corrugated box, to protect it's contents and Often we throw them away. To recycle / reuse and came up with design and utility.

We are making a Table. Please share your comments if you like it

Step 1: What Do We Need ?


  • Large Corrugated box
  • Knife
  • Sketch pen
  • Steel scale
  • Hot glue gun
  • Papar tape

Step 2: Design and Cutting

• Corrugated box was 8 mm thick
• Hand draw the based on the template ( image)
• Black line : fold
• White lines : cut

Note : I did not have perfect square box, So took 3" from all sides

Step 3: Assembly

• To add strength ; We will overlap and make triangular joints as shown
• Hot glue the joint and secure using paper tape
• Strengthen top of the table by inserting a new peace
• Using PVA glue or fevicol stick it

I have noticed hot glue is not strong, simple PVA glue is much stronger

Step 4: Tips

  • Keep protection below the corrugated box to protect floor
  • The knife used to cut goes blunt
  • Use PVA glue / fevicol, it is much stronger than hot glue
  • Do not use water paint, I left mine with it's natural color