Introduction: Cardboard Sperm Whale

Today we will be making a cardboard whale with a movable tail.

Step 1: Gathering the Materials

It is essential that when making a cardboard animal you must have the necessary materials. This includes a sharp knife, a couple of sheets of cardboard and a pencil. You may use a ruler if that is suitable to you.

Step 2: Sketch the Sperm Whale

Draw a few sketches of the sperm whale.

Step 3: Creating the Body Pieces

Cut out two pieces of cardboard that look like the side view of a sperm whale. Now cut off the entire tail, and discard. Now make a second whale body exactly the same size and shape.

Step 4: Putting the Body Together

Cut out enough of the pieces in the image above to cover the body of your whale every inch or so. Make sure the slits allow the cardboard pieces to slide through so that it's not to tight, but not so loose that it moves around.

Step 5: It Should Now Look Like This

Step 6: Creating the Tail

Cut out two rectangles of cardboard and put holes on both sides of both of them. Now at the end of the body of the whale put a hole on both pieces.

Step 7: Tail Part 2

Cut out two pieces of the cardboard image on the left and stick it through one of the holes in the whale's body. Place the two tail pieces in between the two body pieces and thread the cardboard stick through them and through the other body piece. Cut off excess parts of the stick so its flush with the body.

Step 8: Final Step

Cut out a piece of cardboard that looks like the fin of a whale tail, and a rectangular piece of cardboard. Use another cardboard stick to place in between the two tailpieces and thread it through. Cut a slit in the whale tail fin and slide it onto the end of the tail.

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