Introduction: Cardboard Tiny Top Hat

Top hats are cool, there are so many things that look amazing with a top hat, but the right size is not always available, especially when it comes to a toy, pet or even mini goth/steampunk top hats for regular size humans.

That is why I am teaching you how to make your own teeny-tiny top hats :) Enjoy!



-Single-ply cardboard
-Color paper or white paper
-Marker or paint
-Scotch tape


Step 1: Draw the Circles

Use the compass to draw 2 concentric circles on the paperboard, one bigger than the other.

Draw 2 concentric circles twice on the color paper, slightly bigger than the paperboard ones.

Step 2: Cut the Paperboard

Use the cutter and scissors to cut the circles.

Cut a cardboard rectangle and a rectangle of paper slightly higher in color than the cardboard. The rectangle should have a base longer than the diameter of the small circle.

The pieces in the image are what we'll need.

Step 3: Assemble the Pieces

Roll the paperboard rectangle to a pen or another round object to shape it. Use scotch tape to paste the rectangle, the donut and the small circle together as shown.

Step 4: Paint

If you are using colored paper, you may want to paint the corners with paint or a marker, so that small cardboard gaps are not displayed. Then glue the colored paper to the hat.

If you are using white paper, glue it and then paint the hat with your paint.

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