Introduction: Colorful Cardboard Lampshade

If you need a cheap easy way to reduce the brightness of your night lamp, or to make a personalized lampshade, look no more!


-Colored tissue paper (Regular paper works too)

-Utility knife

Step 1: Draw Your Pattern

Draw the shape of the lamp shade and the shapes you want to project onto the cardboard. I'm making a cube, so I made 4 squares and a tab to paste it later.

Step 2: Cutt Your Pattern

Use the utility knife and the scissors to cut the pattern you drew.

Step 3: Glue the Paper

Glue the paper you chose to the cardboard.

Step 4: Fold It

Fold the lamp shade and glue the tab. Put it on the bulb.

Step 5: Enjoy!

You can experiment with different shapes and patterns. I made a cylindrical lamp shade and a wall shade too.

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