Introduction: Repurposing Jars

When we buy food, we almost always end up aquiring something with a jar (or even a container) that, when empty, can be easily reused to preserve other food or to store inedible items.

This is a very intuitive instructable, but I hope it will inspire you to reuse something that you are probably throwing away and reduce food waste.


-A jar

That's it!

Step 1: Clean Your Jar

Take an empty jar and celan it, the amount of effort needed will vary depending on what was previously inside the jar, but usually hot water and soap will be enough

Step 2: Fill the Jar

Fill it with whatever you want, this one has powder water flavoring packets

Step 3: Other Things You Cal Fill Your Jars With

Here I list some examples of what you can fill the jars with, comment if you have more ideas!

-Cocoa Powder
-Pop corn
-Ground bread

-Pet food

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