Introduction: Cardboard Vintage TV Cat Bed

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Scissors/ X-acto knife

Cardboard box with opening

Two cardboard circles painted white

Two cardboard circles slightly smaller.

Two cardboard arrows.

Two wooden sticks

Note: Please note that my box didn't have a cover so I had to make one.

Step 1: Number

Number the two circles painted white with numbers 1-12.

Step 2: Attach

Attach the two white numbered circles to underneath the opening.

Step 3: Color

Color the two arrows black.

Step 4: Attach

Attach the circles and then the dials to the white circles.

Step 5:

Attach two wooden sticks to the top of your cat bed. Draw on a speaker in the middle and two buttons on the sides.

Step 6: Furnish

Place pillows, toys, and blankets inside for your cat to sleep with.

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