Introduction: Cardbord Backpack

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pack that can carry stuff, and is made mostly of cardboard. this is my first project instruction and i;m going to make it sweet and simple

Step 1: Materials




para cord

tape (i'm using electrical but you can use others)


hot glue


Step 2: Make the Straps

cut 2 cardboard straps 4 inches wide and 18 inches long.

Step 3: Cut the Body and Fold the Tabs

cut out 2 squares 13" by 13"

then fold a 3 inch tab from the top of both squares to create a box

Step 4: Glue

hot glue one of the pieces to the other. glue it from the body of one to the tab of the other one.

may need to re-enforce with tape or more glue.

DO NOT do it on both sides only one

Step 5: Tape

tape both of the sides together LOOSELY not tightly. to create a closed box

Step 6: Holes

put a hole in the the bottom of both straps and 2 holes in the bottom of the pack.

Step 7: Rope

put rope threw both of the holes in the pack

Step 8: Tape the Straps

tape the straps to the top of the pack

Step 9: Rope (again)

put the rope threw the straps to connect both ends. you are complete

put a knot in the rope so the rope stays connected.

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