Introduction: Sealed Terrarium

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I've already made 2 terrariums before this one, but this one is the biggest one out of them all.

by the way this is one of the EASIEST projects ever.

Step 1: Materials


soil (not in picture)

seeds or plants (i have both)

jar, i'm using a 1 gallon glass jar


Step 2: Make a Water-bed

put in your pebbles so the water can sit and not be absorbed.

Step 3: Place Your Soil

put in your soil it should be 2x the thickness of the pebbles

Step 4: Add Plants and Decorations

place your plants and decorations the way it looks best i prefer larger in the back and shorter in the front. but its up to you.

Step 5: Add Water and Seal

add a decent amount of water, not to little, not to much. then i suggest you mist your plants down once before sealing it.

your terrarium is finished! you will start to see condensation on the walls and your plants will be growing and healthy.

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