Introduction: Cardbordeaux Box Transformation

Hello !

In this instructble I will make your gifted cardboard wine box more interesting than you tought it could ever be !

Normally this kind of box will just be thrown away or be reused as a gift pack for other people to throw them away.

Either way the funtion of the cardboard box is minimalstic; it makes the wine stackable and makes sure it won't break. Let me upgrade this box with 4 more advantages which are:

- No more wine rings on the table created by spilled drops.

- The wine will preserve its temperature much longer

- Easy pouring system

- When you got some left overs the wine can easily be horizontally stored, whitout having to worry it will roll away.

Step 1: Information / What You Will Need

This is what your unmodified cardboard wine box should look like.

The third picture will be used as a reference through this instructable.

For this instructable you will need:

- a drafting compass

- a stanly precision knife

- a pencil

- a protractor

Step 2: Measurements

First of all we will draw all the lines which we will have to perforate in the next step.

The first picture shows you the measurements, the other ones should give you an idea of how it should look like

What to draw:

- Two rectangles who will form the handle. (side 2 & 3)

- A circle at the bottom and one at the top. (side 5 & 6)

- Two small rectangles to lock the lifted bottle. (side 2 & 4)

So you will have to duplicate the rectangle of side 2 onto side 4

This one need to be 5 cm from the bottom. (shortest distance)

Step 3: Perforation

Perforate all the dotted lines and both of the circles.

It should look like the pictures above now.

Step 4: Press Out

Press out all of the perforations and fold on the full lines

You should get something similar as shown above.

Step 5: Functioning

Now you are able to push the gold colored bottom of the cardboard towards the top. (While the bottle is still in the box)

The bottom will be secured by the flaps of side 2 & 4.

Step 6: Enjoy

Now the wine can be opened and is ready to enjoy with all the listed benefits!

The cardbordeaux box can be reused with other bottles ofcourse or can be stacked with an ice pad to keep your wine chilled.