Introduction: Carnage! Face Paint.

About: I body paint

This was fun.

Step 1: Outline

Using a white eyeliner i outlined my idea.

Step 2: Red

Fill in around the white with red.

Step 3: Eyes

Fill in the eyes with white.

Step 4: Details

Taking matte black eyeshadow I added it around the white eye piece, and I also added a light outline on the inside of the eyes.

Step 5: Mouth

Fill in the gums with a peach colored body paint, then fill in the teeth with white body paint, after that go around the white with black body paint.

Step 6: More Detail

I then used matte black eyeshadow to add shadows around the gums, then I took black body paint to outline the mouth and also add small lines around the mouth for lips.

Step 7: Body

Fill in around your outline with red, then on the inside fill it in with black, don't forget about the teeth leave that clear.

Step 8: Teeth

Fill in the teeth with white.

Step 9: Lip?

Outline that bottom part messy with black body paint.

Step 10: Spit

Getting watered down white I added spit.

Step 11: Random Lines

Using black I added a random pattern.
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