Introduction: Cartoon Character Pumpkin Carve

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My son (age 2) loves the cartoon Bing and asked that he be on this year's pumpkin. So here goes, and if you like it please remember to vote for me in the pumpkin competition.

Step 1: Get Prepared

You will need
-a pumpkin (obviously)
-some type up knives
-a large spoon or ladle
-a pot to hold the eastern
-assorted spoons (theses are great shaping tools)
-cling film
-a pattern ( this one is printed from
missing from the image a bic brio, used as a pointy device to trace the image and a wavey hair clip to pin the image in place.

Use the cling film to cover the work area, this sticks down better than a table cloth and when you're done it peels off and goes in the bin.

Step 2: Cut and Clean the Pumpkin

Please be careful here, with a sharp knife, cut off the BOTTOM of the pumpkin. This makes a stable base and allows you to light the candle and place the pumpkin over the top like a shade. Also when you cut off the top, it shrinks with the heat of the candle and may fall in.
Clean out the seeds and most of the flesh with the serving spoon or ladle, keep them of you plan on making pumpkin soup or pie.

Step 3: Trace the Image

Pin the image to the pumpkin to keep it in place.
Use a pointed object, I like a pen as it leave big easy to follow marks, to punch through the image and into the skin of the pumpkin.
Once the whole outline is done remove the overlay image and trace around the makings, join the dots style. Don't be afraid to cut deep, as when you pare out the shape the deep edge cut will stop you chipping off areas outside of your shape.

Step 4: Carve

Start to peel away the skin if the pumpkin until your shape is revealed. Keep carving deeper to make the image brighter but don't go all the way through. I used the light on my phone every now and then to see how opaque the image was becoming. When I was happy with how deep I was with the knife, I used the bowl and handle of the spoons to smooth out the carved area.

Step 5: Open a Chimney

Cut a hole in the top near the stalk, this is vital to let the heat out, otherwise the pumpkin will burn and most likely the candle will starve of oxygen and keep going out.

Step 6: Light It Up

Put a candle inside and place the pumpkin over the top. On request from my son I added a moon and stars that were cut all the way through.

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