Introduction: Cat Couch/Sofa

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Welcome to my first instructable, today I'm going to share with you an easy way to make a cozy couch/sofa for your little friend.

I hope you and your little friend like it.

Step 1: What You Need

1- A Cat.

2- Plastic Box.

3- Hacksaw.

4- Glue gun and hotglue.

5- 115cm x 36cm of velvet purple faux leather.

6- An old t-shirt.

7- Sewing needle and white thread.

8- Polyester cushion filling.

Step 2: Preparing the Box

Part 1:

Note: you can use a wooden box or any other box you want.

- First I took the plastic box and cut one of longer sides using the hacksaw, then I recut the sharp edges to make them smooth.

- I measure the length and width of the 3 sides left, then I took the faux leather and trace the measurement I got on it.

Measurement I got :

Two small pieces : 29cm x 18cm

One long piece : 47cm x 18cm.

I added 10cm to each part from both sides, the final measurement I got :

Two small pieces : 36cm x 34cm.

One long piece : 50cm x 34cm

(sorry for the long math I hope its not confusing , this numbers can change it depends on whats size of the box you have)

Note 2: you can measure one long piece 125cm x 34cm warp it on the 3 sides.

Part 2:

Now using the glue gun and a stick of hotglue, I started gluing the pieces of faux leather that I already cut to the plastic box, I put some glue in the bottom side of the plastic box then I warped the pieces around the box sides then glue them in the inside.

Step 3: Making the Pillow Cush

1- I measure the base of the plastic box and I got: 47cm x 28cm.

2- I took the t-shirt and I trace the measurement I got on it 47cm x 28cm, then I cut it to the lenght.

3- Using the sewing needle and thread , I did sew one side of the pillow.

4- I fill up the pillow with the cushion.

5- Lastly I closed the last side of the pillow by sewing it.

Step 4: The END

This is the final result! I hope you enjoyed this instructable, If you have any question don't hesitate to ask..

Thank you so much, see you soon.

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