Introduction: Cat in Box (Papercraft)

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If you don't have a own printer
at your home or if you (like me) are unable to print something,


- Paper (Or thin karton)
- Ruler
- Pencil + Eraser
- Scissor (Or knife)
- Example page(s)

Step 1: Drawing the Pieces!

- This papercraft is original from:
(Picture = Example from what I used/make)

- Instead normally and simply print out this page(s), you now drawing it

Step 2: Give It Color and Cutting It!

TIP: If you go paint all your pieces then it's better (and much easier) to do this before you start with cutting these out!

- Self I paint it with just my simple coloring pencils

- I used my scissor for cutting all pieces, I did use just normal white paper pages (A4's)

Step 3: The Last Step: Assembling!

The last step is to assembling your papercraft, of course it where a lot of work too made all by yourself instead printing, much more time and much more work!

TIP: STAY CALM AND FOCUSED because you have only one try to doing it right and make it perfect!