Introduction: Catnip Mouse Cat Toy

This cat toy is really easy to make and if you already have everthing it is free too.

What you need:
 Felt scraps
*Mouse pattern

Trace out the pattern on the felt, and a long thin piece for the tail. Sew the two side pieces together along the top( I used a banket stitch)  Then sew on the tail. Next start to sew on the bottom of the mouse with the tail to the inside of the mouse. When you get about half way around the mouse add the catnip and the stuffing then finish sewing it closed. This next part is optional, but I thought it made it cuter, I used back thread for the nose by going over and over the same spot  then using the same thread I went up to one side and used a knot for one eye then still using the same thread went over to the other side and used another knot for the other eye, then went down pack to the nose and used a knot to tie off the thread. for the ears I used a permanent marker.  And then the best part, watch you cats enjoy their new treat.  :)

*I don't have the exact one that I used, but this one is really close. I am not 100% positive that this is perfect so you might have to tweak it