Introduction: Ceramic Cupcake

What you will need:
- a ball of clay
- canvas board
- wire cutter
- needle tool
- magic tool
- water (to smooth the clay)
- vinegar (to dissolve clay together)

Step 1: Form the Base

work with a piece of clay about the size of a softball. Form the clay into the shape of a marshmallow as shown. Next, turn the clay onto it's side and roll one side so that it resembles the base of a cupcake.

Step 2: Choose Your Toppings

This is where you can get creative and decide how you want to make the top of your cupcake appear.

Step 3: Hollow It Out

Use a wire cutter and from the top of your cupcake cut straight down the middle. Then, use a large loop tool to remove excess clay, leaving at the very least a half inch on the borders so that it can easily be put back together.

Step 4: Score & Slip

To put your work back together, you will need to score and slip. Use a needle tool to carve X's around the edges of each side. Apply vinegar on the X's and put both pieces together.

Step 5: Smooth It Out

Smooth out the line where you put the cupcake back together using water. Smooth out any imperfections as well.

Be sure to carve a hole at the bottom of the cupcake so that there is no air trapped inside.