Introduction: Chain Bracelet

Hi everyone! Here I have a simple bracelet made out of different colors of chain.


  • flat nose pliers
  • wire cutters
  • five hole clasp
  • gold chain
  • light gold chain
  • bronze chain
  • silver chain
  • light silver chain
  • O rings
  • clasp

Step 1: Cutting the Chain

  • The first thing I did was find five different colors of chain that worked well together.
  • Then I cut 3 chains from every color of chain that fit well around the measurement of my wrist making sure that the chains from each color were the same size.

Step 2: Adding the Chains to the Five Hole Clasp

  • For this part the first thing I did was put all the chains I cut of the same color together.
  • Then I attached the three chains of each color to an O ring on both ends of the chains.
  • I then attached the o rings with the chains to the clasp on both ends of the chain.

Step 3: Adding the Clasp

  • To add the clasp I added an o ring to it and then used the pliers to attach it to the five hole clasp.
  • On the other side I put o rings together to get the length I wanted for the clasp to attach to.
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