Introduction: Chainmaille 101: Flat Full Persain 5in1 Rev

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This is a variation to flat Full Persian 5in1.  The rings are counter direction on the top section pulling the weave tighter to itself and does need a slightly bigger AR then normal direction FFP5in1. Knowage of hp3in1 needed!

Aspect Ratio: 5.0+

Recommended Size:
0.062 x 0.3125

Color key:
Green = active ring
Blue = inactive or finished weave
Red = interpolated or gone thru ring

Step one: make a 3in1 Half Persian chain.
Step two: weave your first ring on the down side around the eye like so.
Step three: do the same just one ring over.  Reuse the last ring on the bottom.  It will under lap.
Step Four: Continue this to the end of the chain.
Step five: Now back at the beginning of the chain.  Weave your next ring thru the first two you added and the first two of the starter chain.
Step six: Next will be 5in1, put your ring thru the bottom section's first three rings.  Around the first eye and thru the second.  Now include the bottom section top 2 rings one ring in around the eye. this set of rings unlike the bottom overlap previous rings.
Step Seven: Continue this pattern to the ends of the chain.

you are done.

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