Introduction: Chainmaille 102: Safety in Numbers

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Safety In Numbers
Ring AR Range: 3.4 - 3.9 (3.6 as shown)

Color system:
Blue = inactive or finished weave
Green = active ring
Red = interpolated or weaved thru
Yellow = Orbital/captive ring/free floating


2 pliers

jump rings of AR ~3.6.

Step 1: 1in1 Chains and Connecting.

Lets art by making a couple of single ring chains, and arranging them as copys of one another down on a table or other surface.

Next connect the chain sections together. we will do this using more 1in1 chain section but we need to mirror them. I like to jump a column during this stage to make sure that I arrange the rings correctly. then come back and put the mirrored rings in.

Note: at this point and until we reach next set the weave is quite unstable and it is best practice in this even to try to keep it laying flat on something.

Step 2: Stabilization

To get this weave more stable we are going to need to add a third row.

Here is show a weaved method of vertical expansion, Later I will show the one-ring-at-a-time (ORAAT) method.

Step 3: Vertical ORAAT

I personally find the ORAAT method of construction for this weave in the vertical direction much easier then a weave method.

Step 4: Horizontal Expansion.

Now that we are stable we can easily expand in the horizontal direction.

Here we add a 1in1 chain down the right side of the weave. being sure that we keep with the reversing pattern of the mirrored columns.

Then we add one more ring the the horizontal 1in1 chains.

And repeat the mirror section of 1n1 again down the side through the new rings we just added.

Step 5: Finished

All done!

Now go make something cool with it!.