Introduction: Chalk Carving(Hammer and a Man)

Basically, I have made this by chalk carving. Here I have designed a hammer and a man. this hammer looks realistic because of the paint job. If I tell about the size of the hammer it would be around 2cm and with a ratio of 1:30. The man is also made by chalk carving and it looks a bit cartoonish. The size of the man is around 5cm and it is in a ratio of 1:35. the man is wearing the t-shirt of Instructables. If I talk about the most difficult part of this carving work then, of course, it is carving the logo of Instructables. I am just 14 years old and I hope that you all will support me

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Step 1: Carving the Man

Take a small pin or a sharp knife and take good quality chalk and start carving. you just need to draw the character on it, then start carving the small organs like the eyes, nose, ears etc. Now start carving the hands and legs But, be careful as the chalk is very delicate it may easily break.

Step 2: Carving the Hammer

Now try to make a real hammer but mini one. now carve the hammer as the hammer looks. in the above images, you can see how I carved it. Be very careful while carving the handle as you have to make a very thin stick.

now your hammer is ready but, make sure to carve it in such a way that it looks very realistic.

Step 3: Painting

Now for this step, you need to be a good artist. Like the above images, you can try to replicate or design your own hammer and man. the hammer looks very realistic. Be careful while painting. Use a thin brush and watercolours or acrylic paints. Use acrylic paints to make it look more realistic

Step 4: Images

These are few images where I am displaying the hammer and the man.

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