Introduction: Champagne Cork Wire Cage Idea

Any champagne corks and sometimes wines, usually come wrapped in a wire cage. Most people just throw away this wire cage or they use this to make a little chair. We will recycle it making a new creative use.

If we bored of doing your cage seat, with this instructable we will amaze our friends on what we are creating.

Once we read through the instructions we will see how easy is to make it, and we will be free to add variations with our creativity and imagination (Adding a tail using the rest of foil wrap, or make a 8 legs insect with two wire cages).

Step 1: What We Need

We don't need tools, only:

  1. the foil wrap that covers the cork
  2. the cork wire cage
  3. Our hands.

Step 2: The Parts to Start Making

We will create an insect, yes, a strange insect that could be an happy little memory or a lucky charm of the event we are celebrating, or, if we do it with a black cage we can get an horrible black insect and make a funny joke to some of our closest guest friends.

Step 3: Preparing the Insect Body

Bending the top metal cup.

Step 4: Preparing the Parts for the Insect Legs and Antennae

We are taking part in an event and we will probably not have scissors or pliers on hand. We will use our hands to open the aluminum circle that passes through the holes in the cage.

Step 5: Preparing Antennae

We bend the aluminum wire in half and twist it with half a turn.

With a piece of a foil we wrap the half coil.

Step 6: Preparing the Legs and Body Support

We bend the 4 bars of the cage giving a shape of a folded leg typical of an insect.

And we shape the circle until we get the shape in the picture.

Step 7: Joining Antennae and Insect Body (optional Adding a Tail)

We will add foil wrap to the half coil of antennae until it will fit in the body insect.

The antennae must somehow stay well positioned without having to tighten the insect body too much.

Before tighten the body we can add a tail.

Step 8: Finished the Insect

If everything has been done correctly, the body of the insect will enter with some pressure in the support and will remain firmly in place. If this is not the case, shape the support again in step 6 point 3.

Step 9: Final

I hope you will enjoy with this 3 minutes creative idea and I will inspire you to make some precious insect with famous champagne brands wire cage to add it to your original 'insects collection'.

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