Introduction: How to Make My Charcoal Christmas Drawing

This is a charcoal drawing I did. It looks nice. This is free handed. I like Christmas and this is why I did this. I got the idea from I picture I took. Below I show steps to my progress in the next step.

I first started off by sketching a grid with a pencil on a print from the picture I took. I than gridded a piece of cardstock about three times the size of the actual black and white picture. I than sketched the picture free handedly to what I thought was appropriate. Next, with the charcoal, I drew the drawing. The materials I used were,
1. White Charcoal
2. Soft and hard Black Charcoal
3. An Eraser
4. A Blender

In the end my drawing looked good. It did not look exactly like the picture I took, but it looked unique, which I liked.

Step 1: Steps of My Drawing

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