Introduction: Cheap AC-cooler 3D-printed

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As the summer is here the heat is also here! So i thought for myself, lets build a cheap and an exclusive AC-cooler, this is the cheap one I will publish the exclusive one next week.

Step 1: Bill of Tools and Materials

You will need these tools:
3D-printer -
Gluegun -
Cutting Plier -

12V DC-adapter -
DC jack -
or you can use this one, both fits
Fan controller -
Fan 120 mm -
Magnets -

Step 2: 3D-print

print all the needed parts, use support for the body, 2 outer perimeters is good enough with 15-20% infill.

Step 3: Wire the Parts

just make sure you have the right polarity, + and -.

Step 4: Assambley

Fasten the fan-contoller.

Step 5: Cable Management

Glue the cables and the Dc-jack to the body.

Step 6: Assambley

Glue the fan (make sure that the flow-direction is blowing the air "through the tunnel")

Step 7: This Is How It Should Look

if everything is done right. just put the grill at the front, you can glue magnets to make sure it stays in place.

Step 8: Insert Ice - Chillout!

Either you can use ice pack or you can print the icebox, but if you are printing the icebox, make sure it don´t leaks, i used ABS with vapor-smoothing to make sure it was watertight., you can also print it in PLA or other material and use epoxy for coating.

Enjoy your AC-cooler!

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