Introduction: Cheap, Fun and Easy Birthday Ideas

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Step 1: Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Your kids birthday party's are always a handful but for our past two birthdays we came up with a cheap and yummy idea! You can do this on the side of a pool party or a picnic, maybe even movie! All you do is go to a grocery store and pick up some ice cream. For our party of 10 we bought a 4 litre tub of chocolate ice cream and 2 normal sized tubs of ice cream, 1 vanilla and 1 chocolate. Now we had too much so for a party of 10 you should consider 2 litres of vanilla ice cream and 2 litres of chocolate ice cream. Now buy 3 ice cream syrups, 1 chocolate, 1 caramel and 1 strawberry, no name is the cheapest and the kids don't even notice the difference! Now go to your local bulk barn and buy bags of nuts, Oreos,sprinkles,chocolate bars, chocolate chips and what ever else pleases you. With the Oreo cookies(not the fillings) and chocolate bars we put them in our magic bullet blender and blended them till they were crumbs. On the day of the party just lay all the toppings out and give the kids bowls and ask if they want chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Then they just add whatever they want on top of there ice cream!

Step 2: Video Scavenger Hunt

So for our party last year we had a bunch of our friends over and gave them a list of things they had to do in under a hour and a half! I went along as our parents set up the ice cream bar and cake! I was the designated Camara girl! Basically we had ice cream sundae bar for them if they completed all the tasks we gave them which they did! I had to record all there tasks or take pictures for proof. We had ours at the park but you can do it in the mall or anywhere you want. We also made a slideshow at the end to show them!

Here's our list we made if you need ideas:
-Three people hang upside down on the monkey bars and make monkey noises for 30 seconds.
-2 people jump off the swings at the same time and scream yippee.
-get a picture of everybody sitting on the slide
-hum mission impossible while everybody pretends to tiptoe in a line
-get a picture of everybody striking a pose on the play structure
-get a picture a random persons family
-teach a random person your cheer from your cheer club and perform it together
-using everybody get a picture of you using your body's to spell a word
-three people piggyback three other people while running through the water sprinklers
-everybody strike a yoga pose and keep it for ten seconds
-one person is blindfolded (blindfold included in the bag) and everybody else using only there words direct the person to a item on the ground and pick it up
-one person puts on the tiara(included in bag) and stands on a picnic table proclaiming she is queen Elizabeth
- sing a song altogether as loud as you can from a famous musical movie
-fake a earthquake and all fall to the ground
-ask a random person if you can walk their dog and keep asking people till someone says yes
-play a game of duck duck goose in the middle of the park
-play a game of leap frog in the middle of the park
-find a coin on the ground
-picture of everybody having at least one foot in the water(mini pool in the bag)
-ask a random person to give everybody a high five
-a video of everybody doing the macereana and singing the song in the middle of the park
-somebody try's catch a fish with the rod(fish and rod included)

Step 3: