Introduction: Cheapest Magazine Holder

About: I like to create useful things with cheap materials. The cheapest, the best.

The story because I made this Instructable began when I was looking for a beautiful magazine holder. I was looking for one across a pair of shops, but they didn´t have one that like me. Once I could find one, it was very ugly and weak.

Then, I decided to create one. And so, I chose to make it with trash: this is not cheap, this is almost free.


- An empty fruit wooden box.

- A chinese calendar (what???? - Yes, keep on reading)

- Four screws.

- Glue (optional).

- Painting and/or something for decorating.

Tools: A Drill, a saw, a brush...

Step 1: Paint the Box

Paint the box and decorate it now if you want. I preferred decorating later, but I recommend the base painting before doing the next step.

Step 2: Reinforcing

Take the chinese calendar and split the sticks from the mat. Cut the mat to the measures of the bottom of the box and put it inside (you can glue it if you want).

Now take the sticks and saw them to the measure of the width of the box. Now make drills in both sides of the box and screw the sticks to the box. This will reinforce the box.

Step 3: Finish It

Paint the details that you want. I chose a "Coca-Cola" logo inspired drawing, austere but bautiful and functional. I hope you liked it.

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