Introduction: Checked Shoe (using Your Shoelace)

Hi guys!

I saw often shoes with chess pattern on it, using their laces. I tried and I did it. Now people frequently ask how to do it, so I finally decide to make a tutorial.

It's not difficult as it could seem and it's not really complicate.

All the photos are taken in front of the shoes beacuse it's better to explain the entire procedure. I RECCOMEND TO DO ALL THE JOB WEARING YOUR SHOE! The shoe cannot be tied after, so it is necessary that the shoe fit your foot from the beginning. (I hope it's clear what I wrote, sorry for bad english :v)

Step 1: Material (and Tool)


What we need? Easy.

- A shoe

- 2 different color shoelaces

Tool (nothing is strictly required)

- a pencil would be useful

- scissors

- tape

Step 2: Prepare Your Shoe: First Lace

Firstly, setup the first lace. I konw two main way to arrange shoelaces, I don't know if they have a specific name... One is symmetric, fishbone like, the other one is asymmetric and it is the one we are going to use.
I'm a kind of "maniac", so i'll try to make the pattern the most regular as possibile, I'll try to explain how, I hope the photos are sufficently clear. If you are using flat shoelace, like mine, try to not coil the lace.

So let's start. Choose your first color.

  1. Make a diagonal from the first to the last hole of your shoe. It will be unused for the rest of the tutorial, but it is necessary. Passing through the second hole be sure you are going from the inside to the outside.
  2. Pass over the shoe, make an horizontal line and pass through the hole form the outside to the inside
  3. Now the 1-step diagonal: your next hole is the first unoccupied hole starting from tip of your shoe. Pass under the hole.
  4. ...
  5. Go on until you finish the hole.

Don't worry about remaining shoelace.

It's important that the shoe can be wear and unwear easily! Adjust the lenght of every step till wearing-unwaering will be comfortable.

Step 3: Start Making the Pattern

Now starts the hardest part.

I hope the photos are sufficenlty clear to explain every step.

  1. Pick the second lace and put it in the first hole, the same of the first lace.
  2. Now you have to pass through the horizontal and 1-step diagonal alternating passing up and passing down. All the line are involved! even if are diagonal. Make 1 column, 'till you reach the last line.
  3. Now you have to restart from the tip and come back. "Wrap" the first line (that must be horizontal, if it's not something is wrong...): if you end the first column above the first line, turn around passing under (like in the photo); otherwise pass above. BE SURE THAT NOW YOU ARE IN THE OPPOSITE CONDITION OF THE ADIACENT COLUMN!
  4. Do the same job backward: from the tip to the last line (that must be 1-step diagonal)
  5. Turn around in the same way as before and go on until you finish the lace or the space on your shoe.
  6. Finish with a columun that comes back to the end, so pass the lace in the last hole on the opposite side of your shoe.


- A pencil will be useful to shift the column immediatly after doing that. Adjusting the pattern from now it's not a bad idea.

-A pencil still will be useful for the last columns: it will become harder pass under the line.

Step 4: Final Refinement

When you have finished your work adjust your pattern, try your shoe. If it fit, most it's done.

Tie a knot at the beginning and at the end of your laces, so they will be fixed (like 1st picture). If you have remaing laces, no problem: cut away the remaing part, make the knots and put some tape (like in the 2nd picture).

Step 5: Enjoy Your Chess Shoe and Be Proud of It!

Try, use different color and above all: POST PICTURE OF YOUR SHOE!!!