Introduction: Cheese Spider Burger

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Hola, Namaste, hello friends today I’m gonna teach you all how to make cheese spider burger recipe! I got this idea from a movie “ cloudy with a chance of meat balls 2” in which I saw a savage looking creature made of burger I guess so, which has been named as ‘cheese spider’. Then I thought let’s make this creature! So for what we are waiting for? Let’s go and explore the steps!

Step 1: Gathering All Arms and Ammunition’s for Making the Recipe

Ingredients required:-

* Frozen food which includes French fries and potato patty packets.

* cheese slice

* some salad as shown in picture(it’s totally up to you that what you want in salad).(it includes cabbage, onion and tomato)

* now The main thing “ burger”.

* tomato ketchup.

* veg mayonnaise.

* flex seeds.

* some toothpicks.

* and last is the plates..

Step 2: Now the Frozen Food Enter’s the Game!

As shown in the picture the packets of frozen food. You have to just open it up and one by one deep fry in oil.

(As they are frozen food so we need to deep fry until and unless it smells good and look tasty!)

Step 3: Mr. Burger So Looking Very Happy:)

Take out the buns of the burger ((optional) I have baked the buns of the burger so that it become crisp)

Step 4: Now Ready Up the Things

As soon as your frozen food is ready put it on plate or u can put it anywhere as your wish and gather salads as shown in picture.

Step 5: Now the Cheesy Part!

Take out two cheese slices out of you cheese slice packet and put it on the base of burger( as shown in picture).

Now on a plate by applying your best creativity make a spider web using veg mayonnaise!

Step 6: Now Fasten Up, As the Assembly Part Arrives!

First apply some flex seeds on the upper bun of the burger.Take two potato patty and crush them and place it over on the cheese slices. Now pour tomato ketchup on the upper bun of the burger. Place two slices of tomato on the ketchup. Now put a piece of cabbage on the potato patty.(in this piece of cabbage would look like it’s tongue)

Step 7: The Monster Is Ahead!

Now in this step toothpicks are playing the main role. Take a toothpick cut it in half and press it on the patty , not too much. Place the cabbage on that. Now put some ketchup on front of the upper burger and sprinkle some flex seeds on it so that it like it’s eyes! Now roll toothpicks in tomato ketchup and pree them on the patty as shown in the picture( its somehow the most challenging part.. but no worries it’s very simple). Now place a toothpick( not broken in half but, bend it little) and put inside upper and lower back of the bun. Hence put the upper burger on the top and slowly slowly compress it on the toothpicks. Now they are looking likes it’s teeth.

Step 8: Last But Not the Least..

Now take the long French fries and bend them a little bit and insert the toothpicks and there one end. Now insert them into lower bun. Now they are looking cheese spider burger terrifying legs!

Step 9: Journey Ends Here...

I know it wasn’t an easy task but, at last you have achieved your goal. Congratulations!! . Now display your recipe and have fun by eating a spider tonight!

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