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Hello readers, greeting you on my instructable. Today I’m gonna share my ideas on how to make a doodle periscope!
Doesn’t it sounds exciting?before going into step I would share something to you that how I got this idea?lets go into the past, when I was in 3rd grade my class teacher gave me a book on science experiments as at that I had a great interest in ‘ science and technology’.while going through the book I just an experiment on light rays. In that this periscope was given to make it. So, I without wasting time stick to this promised myself to not to get up unless I complete this. It took around 3 hrs and I still don’t know what weird stuff I made...

But now as I’m grown up enough and mature enough, I’m still carrying my curiosity about science and technology. For remembering my past I just made a periscope and thought to gift this sweet little thing to my cute little younger sister. I’m giving this cool thing on her birthday, which very close. In first sight I thought it would be boaring after making periscope but I have started playing with it because its a cool stuff! This gift will help my sister to gain knowledge about things and this periscope will help her mind to get off watching t.v , smartphones etc. As this is an eco friendly project, so she’ll be enjoying by peeking out or she will be playing spy game from this. This will help her to go out enjoy nature world rather than sticking her eyes into virtual world.

Step 1: The Principal

Oh dear, I just missed one thing that is what is periscope? And how it works?

Q1.What is periscope?
Answer: A periscope is an instrument for observation over, around or through an object, obstacle or condition that prevents direct line-of-sight observation from an observer's current position.

Q2. How it works?
Answer: Working Principle. A periscope works on the Laws of Reflection which states that the light from the object falls on one mirror at a 45o angle from the object and is reflected. This reflected light then falls on another mirror and is again reflected until it reaches the human eye.

Now guys I hope you all are more curious like me to build up the periscope. So let’s begin to explore the steps!

Step 2: Material Required!

First of all I wanna make you sure that these items are easily available in your vicinity or you would be probably having them in your house:)

So, here’s the material:-
# Bianyo olrada detail pen knife( in case you are having trouble with it you can us other knifes too).

# Hot glue gun with loaded glue stick( keep yourself 3-4 glue sticks, because it would take lots of it in glueing process).

# Glass cutter.

# Permanent marker or bold marker( it’s totally up to you).

# Rular or scale( for scaling up things).

# protractor( for measuring angles).

# A mirror( as they are the main things).

# Spary paint( in my case I have chosen red and blue colour).

# Old cartons( as these are base).

Before beginning , I just want to say that “safety is one priority” .
Let’s begin the procedure!

Step 3: Cutting ‘n’ Cutting

Ok guys, let’s start from base. For this you would be needing permanent marker, mirror cutter and obviously the mirror.

# First take the mirror and place upside down, now mark it’s center.

# Now using scale draw a line with permanent marker.

Now using the mirror cutter cut the mirror by following the line drawn into perfect half’s.

Step 4: The Mirror

In the previous step you had started cutting and now in this step you got two half’s of mirror!
So, I don’t know how big or small your mirror is but mine after cutting end up with 8.5cm x 6.5cm dimensions.

Step 5: The Carton Part Arrives!

Just over come your fear and concentrate on the procedure.

I hope you had read the material required, in that I have written some carton. So after getting carton boxes just cut done any size of rectangular pieces which are equal.

# In this I had taken carton boxes and cut them down to get four equal sizes rectangle shape carton.( it’s up to you about sizes just take equal sizes)

# After doing this take any two of them and start cutting them down. For cutting I have taken 36.5 cm as length and 10.5 cm as width as dimensions.( we will call these two rectangular pieces as ‘A’)

# Also cut down four equal size of squares.

Step 6: Shaping the Cartons!

Now as soon as you are done with it , you have to take the other two rectangular pieces of carton that you haven’t shaped up.( I mean the remaining rectangular pieces)

# Now for that we need different dimensions because we have to place these sideways. So, there dimensions according to me is:-
28.4 cm as length and 8 cm as width.
Now cut them up and stay calm.

Step 7: The Line of Mirror!

Our journey is in progress. So, now we have to grab some materials for this step.
The materials will be a protractor, permanent marker and a scale .

Step begins!

# Take the one ‘A’ carton piece and on that by placing protractor mark 45 degrees on both upper and lower sides.( I’m taking 45 degree because it is the best angle for light Ray to come in contact) Now using scale make a line on the mark that you have made for 45 degrees.(this will help in placing the mirror). I have also made the following dimensions for it, that is 7.9cm as height of triangle and 6.8 cm as base of it on both the side.(triangle because if you draw and mark it would look triangle.

# After completing this read the next step.

Step 8: Glueing the Mirror!

After this much we are coming to the main procedure that is glueing the mirrors which acts like the heart of the project!

Now what you have to do is:-

# Take the hot glue gun with loaded glue in it and start pressing the trigger on the black line drawn with permanent marker at 45 degrees.

# After applying hot glue on upper and lower side of the carton place the two halfs gently on line drawn on the both side at 45 degrees.

Now after doing this you have completed the main part of the project.

Step 9: Base Setting Up. Cool!

Now we are getting closer to our aim. After the mirror part ending we have to glue the sideways and then upper ‘n’ Bottom side as well as top face.

Oh I know it’s kind of complicated! So, let’s break them into three parts.
First part is:-


# First step you have to do is pick the pieces of carton named ‘B’ from your desk and bring bring your hot glue gun.

# second step will be might be somehow tricky to understand but, I’ll try best to explain!
* while glueing sideways of the ‘A’( which is carrying two glued mirrors) you will need leave about 8.2 cm gap
from the mirror because, if you won’t leave any gap how will you able to watch view from your periscope.

* so I hope I have been able to explain you.:)

# After this step you will end with sideways part!

Now comes the “top face”
Oh! Don’t be scared it’s very easy peasy!
# what you have to do is just take your glue gun and last remaining piece of ‘A’ carton. Now glue it over the top face of your unfinished project, okay?

Now let’s see the next step!

Step 10: Squares Ahead!

Wait a minute you know our 85% of project is done! Isn’t that great news?

So, now the square we cut from the carton is now playing the role this time.

As soon as you are done with your previous step you’ll end up with a 3D cuboid shape with two side open. One will be from top and other from bottom.
Yeah you got it! I’m talking about the third step that is “ upper part and lower part”
Let’s go!

# Take your squares and cut them into some how 3/4 from their original sizes.

# Now the following squares have to be cut into their exactly half size.

# Now take your glue gun and glue the edges of upper and lower part of the cuboid, as soon as you done with it paste the eight half’s on them.

# You might be seeing some duct tape pasted on the project.( because duct tape will give it extra strength to hold skeleton of periscope!

When you’re done with it then see the next step!

Step 11: Skeleton Is Ready!

My friend we are very very close our goal! We have completed 90% of the project.
Let’s see the next step!

Step 12: Spray! Spray! and Spray!

I have chosen blue and red spray paint for my project but as you know colour combinations are totally above of our imagination so, it’s your choice!
To chose colour.

Step 13: Final Touch!

After spraying your colour and texturing it, we have to draw some doodles on it. You may take help of creative book or stuff like that.

Hence your project is ready! Your hard work has true colour. So, go enjoy outside by seeing the beautiful world or play something out of it!

Step 14: The Practical Approach!

In this i will be showing you how it would be looking inside the periscope! By placing an object on its upper opening and clicking photo of its reflection from lower opening. Enjoy peeking and spying on other!
Thank you for spending your precious time to read my instructable!

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