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Puzzles are great things to play with when we bored or we have free time. So, today I want to share my handmade puzzle “hedgehog in the cage”. I got this idea when I had a tour in Czech Republic, there I first time saw this kind of puzzle which was trending at that time and I think it’s trend is followed up today also. This puzzle is so much in trend that world championship is going on. Once I thought let’s give it try that how hard can it be and you won’t believe it that it took me around an hour still not able to bring out the hedgehog from this brain teasing cage.

This puzzle improves the ability of endurance and exploration as well as promote brain-hand interaction, as it is so mind blender puzzle. This can be a good gift to friends and families for Christmas or New year! The great thing about this puzzle is , it is very easy to build and is made up of household things. So let’s begin our journey!

Step 1: Material Required!

The materials and tools given below are very easy to find in home.

# Materials :-

> Two tea coasters.

> 5 old gel pens.

> Table tennis ball.

> Six ear buds.

> A4 size sheet ( not included in image but still required)

These were the materials, now tools:-


> Drill machine.

> Hot glue gun.

> Geometric compass.

> Scale/ Ruler.

> Protractor.

> Adhesive.

> scissor.

> Pencil.

Now let’s begin our steps!

Step 2: Finding the Center!

The first step:-

# Take your tea coaster and put it on the a4 size sheet then out line it with pencil.

#. Now cut the tea coaster out line from scissor which we have drawn by pencil.
As a result you will get a cut out that would be in circular shape or not a perfect circle.( because my tea coaster is not a perfect in shape as shown in the image. Yours might be in perfect round shape).

Next step:-

#. Now fold the cut out into half. Now fold it again into half. Now when you open it you would find the centre of the cut out.
(As shown in photo)

Step 3: Making Angles!

In this step we will use the cut out for the following process that is:-

#. Now assuming that our cut out which is not a perfect circle has 360 degree angle. So, Take your cut out and with the help of protractor and pencil draw 72 degree angles from the center of cut out. You will get 5 lines because if we multiply 5 with 72 we will get 360. We will get 5 line as shown in the image.

#. Now paste the cut out on one of your tea coaster with adhesive. Paste it lightly because we have to pull it out after the next process.

Step 4: The Drilling Machine!

In this step we would be need drilling machine.

#. First of all take your tea coaster which has the pasted cut out. Then plug your drill machine and start drilling at the edge of the line which is at 72 degrees.( not exactly on the edges but take some centimeters gap from the edge).

#. Now when you are done with one tea coaster then repeat it with the other tea coaster. The result is shown in the image. When you are done remove the pasted cut out because we are done with it.

Step 5: Preparation of Cage!

This is the most existing step. You will be needing the 5 old pens and hot glue gun.

#. What you have to do is to take both tea coasters and insert the five old pens in both coasters holes. After placing them glue them with the hot glue gun.
By gluing them it will help in their stability and give them a strong grip.

Step 6: Making the Hedgehog!

In this step you will be needing table tennis ball, 6 ear buds, scissor and geometric compass.
So, let’s begin the last step!

#. We would be using the given diagram in the first image. First you have to take your T.T ball, then as shown in the diagram there are two hemispheres ‘ left and right’. In each hemisphere we have to make 6 holes( with geometric compass), one hole in the center of each and 5 holes on the edge so, the total holes will be 12. The holes will be looking like a ZigZag pattern.

#. Now take your six ear buds and cut them into halves from scissor. Which will give you 12 buds. Which we will be calling spikes.

#. Now take all 12 ear buds and insert them in the 12 holes in the ball.( glue them, it is optional)
Hence, your hedgehog is ready.

Step 7: Journey Ends Here!

As you are done just insert the hedgehog in the cage and use your brain power to take it out. Seriously I would say that it really a “mind blending puzzle”.
By the way if you ask about the solution, there is no specific solution about it. Just use your brain and have fun with your friends and families!

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