Introduction: Chessboard

This chessboard was made by two types of wood, which is an easy lesson to follow by middle or high school students.

a. This lesson applies the standard of using manufacturing technologies, which focus grade on students from 6-8 with branches H, "the manufacturing process includes the designing, development, making, and servicing of products and system." and J, "materials must first be located before they can be extracted from the earth through such processes as harvesting, drilling, and mining." The lesson follows H because making a chessboard needs to design and make. The lesson also follows J because the wood that we use should be harvesting from nature.

b. Learning objectives: students will be able to learn more about manufacturing technologies through this lesson. They can also learn about how to use different machines for woodwork.

c. Target audience: grades 6 - 8

d. Materials: two kinds of wood with a length and width > 14" (suggestion: pine wood and ash wood or oak wood), wood glue(yellow wood glue).

Equipment: pencil and ruler: For measuring.

table saw and band saw: For cutting purpose.

sand belt: Smooth the surface of the wood.

clamber: For fastening the wood when gluing.

Step 1: Measure the Wood

1. Use a pencil and ruler to mark a 7" * 14" rectangle on both the wood.

2. Use a band saw or a table saw to cut and get the rectangles from the big wood.

Step 2: Cut in 8 Pieces

1. Keep marking in both woods by separating them into four pieces.

2. Use a band saw to cut them into 8 pieces.

Step 3: Smooth the Surface

Use the sand belt to smooth the surface of the wood so that they can be connected together.

Step 4: Time to Glue

Use the wood glue to combine the 8 pieces of the boards. Use clampers to fasten the wood for about 3 hours.

Step 5: Cut and Glue Again

1. Measure and cut the board into 8 pieces again.

2. Use glue and clamper to fasten the pieces for about three hours again.

Step 6: Conclusion

It's done! However, mine looks not good because of the step in measuring, so it is important to make the design before making it.