Introduction: Chicken Bone Dog Food for Picky Eaters

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Desi Pomqueen residing at Canine Palace has acquired a pizza and beer palate, (pun intended) challenging the chef de cuisine to go to extreme measures to resolve the issue. The Queen had taken ill because of her diet and has agreed to sample his new Pollo En Fricase "Chicken Bone Casserole." The dish passed the scrutiny of the queen, hence this tutorial.

If your King or Queen are having eating disorders, jumping black spots, or skunk breath caused by bad eating habits, then this tutorial could offer simple solutions. It will provide remedies that are healthy for your king or queen and are safe for the kingdom in which they reside.

Step 1: Recipe

Pollo en Fricase "chicken bone casserole" 
  • Save the bones from all your chicken.
  • Place them in a container and freeze them until you have enough to cook in a slow cooker or stock pot.
  • When you have acquired enough cook them in water for several hours.
  • Check them after several hours by squishing them between your fingers.  
  • If they are completely soft with no hard or sharp pieces they are ready.
  • Spoon them out into a strainer and leave alone until they are well drained.
  • Pour them out on a plate and mush them making sure there are no hard or sharp pieces.
  • Cool them and then put 2-3 days supply into plastic bags or glass containers and freeze them until needed.
You can store 2-3 days servings of the chicken broth the same way, or freeze them together after the bones have been thoroughly checked for hard or sharp pieces.  I do not use the casserole for their main diet.  I use it to flavor their food.  

Step 2: Pollo En Fricase "Chicken Bone Casserole"

The pictures of  the Pollo en Fricase  "chicken bone casserole"  portrays the approval of her Highness and Sir Max,  the Duke of Paws. Both have perfected the "polite begging technique" to increase the volume of gold nuggets into the treasury house. The silent stare has had surprising results.

Step 3: Queen Desi's Version of Creme De Menthe Wine

The Queen's personal wine label.

Crème de menthe wine:

Otherwise known to humans as:  "Organic Liquid Chlorophyll"
It freshens her breath and is a dietary supplement as well.  
Simply add a few drops to your King or Queen's  wine glass.

Step 4: Queen Desi's Toiletries

Toiletries include:

1. Candle.
2. Creme De La Mente' wine  "humans call it Organic liquid chlorophyll."
3.  Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Special Shampoo or any shampoo containing Tea Tree Oil.
4.  Texas Cedar-wood essential oil.
5.  Clean cotton towel.

These products are her choice to control fleas and ticks because they are healthy for her and safe for the environment.  
The special wine controls bad breath.

Step 5: The Treatment

To use the Cedar-wood essential oil:

Simply cut a small scarf out of fabric or use a fabric dog collar and drop a few drops of oil onto the scarf and tie it around their neck. It should be done as often as it might loose its scent.

Give a Tea Tree shampoo bath regularly and as often as you do this, wash the bedding also.

Wash bedding in hot water and add a few drops of eucalyptus oil (not shown) to the rinse water to help kill the fleas and their eggs.

I have used Tea Tree Oil shampoo for myself for a long time. I heard it was great for controlling fleas, so I began using it several years ago for the dogs. I just found a link here on Instructables on how to make your own shampoo, saving you a lot of money.
Here is the link:

Step 6: The Queen's Chamber

"It is difficult to take the Queen's picture even when she is sleeping. Too bad she was not sleeping in her own bed -
the background would have made an awesome picture! The queen has awakened and is ready for bed.

Her regular routine is a snack at bedtime.
It is always helpfull to sprinkle a few drops of Cedar - Wood essential oil on the queen or king's bedding to control fleas."

Step 7: The Queen's New Menu

The queen's special menu request "Just For Fun"

1. Silver tray service.
2. Candle lit dinner.
3. Chrystal dinnerware.
4. Crème de menthe wine. The queens personal wine label. Pun intended.
5. Pollo En Fricase "Chicken bone Casserole."
6. Royal crown to be displayed in a formal fashion reminding Sir Max of her Highness title, he forgets his servitude to the Queen.

Step 8: Queen Desi's Snack Time

Desi is very vocal and expresses body language to demand royal treats. She speaks firmly , ears back, eyes shift to the side, she begins to lean her body into the spin and then proceeds into the full spin around. Then follows the crouch and lastly a short snort to accept the treat. You can hear the queens approval by the sound of her smacking lips. On a really bad day she roars like a lion, that is when you run and hide.

Step 9: Bloopers

I must have taken 300 pictures to get the ones on my pages. She was a great sport though, and managed to get a lot of extra treats which are usually limited.

Step 10: Sunshiine's Final Thoughts

Things have changed here at the palace. The Queen is happy, and the chef de cuisine is delighted with his new menu.
"I actually heard him whistling the Queen's favorite song the other day while sampling her Creme de menthe."

I just had to include this video on positive dog training using the clicker method. It goes to show you can train a dog to do just about anything. This dog in the video must be very spoiled to be so happy and loyal! Here is the link, well worth the view. Enjoy!

I hope this tutorial has given you some useful tips. Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!


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