Introduction: Chicken Egg and Garlic Bread Boats

making something for breakfast is the most easy decision , why? because you are energetic in the morning, however for me it is somthing hectic as i don't really know what my husband would like and what not in pre post work out form.

due to being over weight i was going home gym in the mornings.

we were used of eating oatmeal with banana and amla and dry fig as our pre workout snack.

post work out snack were 4 eggs for my husband and 1 for me. ( he is bodybuilding.)

This morning I was a little dissapointed by same post work out breakfast like every other day.

We needed to cheat at least once in a blue moon.

but it had to be somthing quick and comforting as well as it made from left overs.

so I came up with thee bread boat idea.

Step 1: Ingredients and Story Behind Them

my mother in law bought garlic bread a few days ago however due to consecutive weddings and out gym schedule, fancy breakfast was out of question. The bread was near the expire date and it was supposed to be either tossed out soon or utilized quickly.

I took a diagonal slice 2 inches wide and took a little bread out to make space for chicken and the egg.

We had some left over chicken from previous night , so i simply washed the curry out from it. I simply shredded the chicken filled the bread with it.

I applied 2 separate layers of diet chipotle sauce and low fat sweet onion sauce.


Pour an egg on top of it, sprinkle salt pepper, and you are ready for it to be baked.

preheat your oven at 200 degree Celsius and cook doe 15-20 minutes or more untill u see the crust getting brown. if you feel your egg is not cooked simply microwave on high for 30 seconds in the end .

And and hubby loved it, i hope you will too.

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