Introduction: Chocolate Apple Dip

This was a project that just flew to my head and it actually turned out very well. I hope you like it as much as I did!



2.An Apple

3.Apple Cutter

4.Small Bowl

5.Chocolate Chips

6.I Used A 1000W Microwave Not Sure If It Makes A Difference

Step 1: Chocolate Chips and the Bowl

You want to put as many as you want chocolate chips in the bowl depending on how much you want.

Step 2: Well...

Continuously eat chocolate chips.

Step 3: Apple and Cutter

Use the apple cutter to slice apple, you can use a knife if you prefer.

Step 4: The Microwave and Bowl of Chocolate Chips

Put bowl of chocolate chips in microwave stir every 5 seconds till melted.

Step 5: The End

Put the apple slices in nicely to the chocolate. That’s it, enjoy!