Introduction: Chocolate Surprise Treats

If you need a treat for a special party, an interesting contribution to a pot luck dinner or just a fun dessert try this simple recipe. It takes just a few ingredients and best of all you don't need to bake it.

Step 1: Supplies and Equipment

  • Chocolate both dark and white, as shown as well as left over Easter Bunnies, front and centre
  • Additional colours if you want to really get fancy
  • Wilton Molds
  • Dare Oreo cookies either chocolate or blond or both
  • Miscellaneous plastic cutlery, toothpicks and wooden skewers
  • Microwave safe containers to melt the chocolate
  • Access to a microwave
  • Access to a refrigerator or freezer
  • Damp cloths and hand towel

Step 2: Step by Step One Colour of Chocolate

Take half as many of the cookies as the number of treats that you want to produce. Remove the cream from the centre. It doesn't matter if some of the cream sticks to the half of the cookie as long as most of it is removed. Set them aside.

Take a microwavable container and put the chocolate in it. I like to work in small batches so I only melt as much as I need for the amount of treats in the mold. Put the chocolate into the microwave and heat for 30 seconds. Continue to heat and stir using either a plastic utensil or a skewer checking and stirring frequently. Do not overcook or burn the chocolate. When the chocolate is almost all melted remove it from the microwave and using a plastic spoon drop a puddle (that is a technical term) of chocolate into one of the compartments of the mold. Take a cookie half and place it in the mold on top of the puddle. With a skewer push down on the cookie until the chocolate flows up over the back. Pull the chocolate into the middle to cover. If it doesn't cover add more chocolate. Continue until all the compartments of the mold are filled. Gently tap the mold on the counter to smooth the back and release any bubbles. Place the mold in the freezer compartment. When the chocolate is ready to be removed from the freezer check the appearance. The chocolate will have lost its glazed appearance and appear somewhat dull.

Turn the mold over and press the top of the treat going around in a circle pushing gently. If the chocolate is set it will drop out and you will have your treat right there. But if you are doing a Christmas theme the snowman might seem dull in plain brown chocolate.

Step 3: Getting Fancy - Two Colours

To spruce up the designs, you can melt the white chocolate the way you did the regular chocolate in its own microwavable container. Using a plastic knife, lift a small amount of the white chocolate and carefully drip it into the design area. It works better if you work with very small amounts of the white chocolate to lessen getting dribble of white where it doesn't belong. When you have filled the design area of all of the compartments, check for any white chocolate that may have strayed into other areas. To remove them take a skewer and wind a thin damp cloth around the tip forming a point. Working away from the design wipe the area changing the area of the cloth on the skewer. When you are satisfied with the design, gently tap the mold on the counter to ensure the white chocolate spreads out to the entire area of the design and there are no bubbles. Then place the mold in the freezer compartment. It will take less time to set because of the smaller amount of chocolate. While it is setting, melt the dark chocolate and have it ready to pour when the design is set. When the design is set, using a plastic spoon drop a puddle of chocolate on the design and proceed as before. When the molds are set, release them in the usual way and admire the treats. You can see difference it makes to use the contrast.

Step 4: Get Even Fancier!

If you still want them to be more impressive, using coloured white chocolate and a toothpick, drop coloured chocolate into the details of the design such as the snowman's eyes, carrot nose or scarf. Coloured chocolate is available at hobby suppliers or you can colour plain white chocolate but you must use a compatible colouring compound. Black colured chocolate is shown here with green coloured chocolate. If you are doing a Halloween motif, black might be quite useful. If I do not have the time to colour the details, I use only the design that is presentable in white only such as the snowflake. As shown here. Since they are so quick and easy to make, you can use only those compartments and you can have a interesting presentation in a very short time.

There is a sequence showing the preparation of a treat with a flower motif and you can see it in all white and in white and chocolate. You can also pour the white chocolate only into the compartments following the chocolate procedure and when they are turned out, you can try your hand at painting the details with a brush. You can also try the brush system on the white designs of the chocolate treats.

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