Introduction: Christmas Diorama | Santa Claus

How to make Christmas Diorama.


Acrylic 3mm black and white, sticker paper print, polymer clay, super glue, 12 volt power supply, 12 volt (5050 LED strip) white for text glow, 10mm red green blue RGB LED flash rainbow voltage:3.5v x 3, glue gun, soldering iron.

Step 1:

Download the attached laser cutting and printing files.

Assemble the acrylic cuttings according to the instructions.

Step 2:

10 mm RGB (3.5 x 3) volt LED for Rainbow Light.

5050 smd strip 12 volt for text glow.

12 volt power supply.

Step 3:

Modeling material is ploymer clay.

After finishing baked in oven (25 Min - 230 F).

Step 4:

Place it on your favorite location.

Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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