Introduction: How to Make Water Lily Pond | Resin Art

Nature is very inspiring. So I choose this topic of nature. I have tried my best to give it a natural look. I always feel happy when I see it on my table.


white matte PVC sheet 0.25 mm for flowers making , clear PVC sheet 0.35 mm for leaves,heat gun,epoxy resin 106 gram + 53 gram epoxy hardener ( 6 Layers of 159 grams after 4 or 5 hours intervals, 1 drop blue dye for resin, glue gun, super glue, acrylic paints lemon yellow and leaf green, spray paint leaf green, flexible plastic rod 3 mm, 3 mm acrylic sheet for box (size 6.5 x 6.5 x 1.5 inches), scissors, sand paper, paint brush, yellow fomic sheet, Flexible plastic rod 3 mm for leaves stem.

Step 1: Flowers Making

For flower petal use thin matte white PVC sheet. Cut into flower shape. Use heat gun to soft the petal and give proper shape with the help of tool and foam piece. Repeat this action on each petal and complete the flower.

For center part of flower use yellow fomic sheet. Cut with scissor and make two layers.

Step 2: Making Leaves

For leaves making use clear PVC sheet. Cut into shapes of different sizes. Make pattern with thread to gain leaf bumpy texture with heat gun and finally press it. Use lemon yellow and leaf green acrylic paints for detail work. For stem you can use 3 mm flexible plastic rod.

Step 3: Final Arrangement and Resin Work

Make a Acrylic Box ( size 6.5 x 6.5 x 1.5 inches). Arrange the flowers and leaves and fix with super glue.

In this project I use epoxy resin ( epoxy resin 106 gram + 53 gram epoxy hardener ( 6 Layers of 159 grams after 4 or 5 hours intervals).Because it produce heat so i pour into layers. Heat can damage the leaves shape.The different brands of resin manufacturer has its own different mixing composition so follow their instructions and safety manual.

It can take approximately 24 to 30 hours curing time.

Enjoy your Art Piece!

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